Science in Antarctica

Science in Antarctica

Client: International Polar Foundation

For several years, I accompanied the Belgian Research Expeditions in Antarctica to help with the logistics, but also to take some pictures of the work that was being done down there during the season.

I had the opportunity of going in the field with scientists several times during the various seasons. Most of them are passionate about what they do and are really keen to share it with you if you show interest.

During those field trips I scoured the Sor Rondain mountains with scientists from various nationalities and scientific backgrounds.

  • Ice Core

    Ice Core

    This ice core is in fact an archive of the climate of our planet.

    • Antarctica
    • January 12, 2010
  • Ice cave

    Ice cave

    The inside of an iceberg we stumbled upon during one of our missions to the coast.

    • Antarctica
    • February 8, 2011
  • Old Plane

    Old Plane

    This Belgian plane has been here for 50 years. Both pilots were rescued by the Russians. Antarctic solidarity at its best.

    • Antarctica
    • December 16, 2008
  • Ronde Spire

    Ronde Spire

    800 meters of solid granit photographed during a reconnaissance expedition with scientists from the Alfred Wegener Institute.

    • Antarctica
    • February 20, 2011
  • Camp


    Camp on the ice. Scientists will stay there for their research and the International Polar Foundation is providing the logistics and field guides.

    • Antarctica
    • January 15, 2009
  • Dead Dog

    Dead Dog

    Skeleton of Tony Van Autemboer's dog of, a Belgian geologist in 1959.

    • Antarctica
    • December 5, 2009
  • Antarctic Plateau

    Antarctic Plateau

    -38°C and a lot of wind. Hunting for meteorites with Belgian and Japanese scientists.

    • Antarctica
    • January 14, 2011
  • Geology


    Geologists reconstructing the history of our planet by investigating old rocks.

    • Antarctica
    • January 11, 2010
  • Collecting data

    Collecting data

    Collecting snow accumulation data with Alain Hubert.

    • Antarctica
    • February 25, 2011