Quartz Crystals - Copyright: René Robert


Quartz Crystals


My work keeps me very busy during the whole year but I usually have a bit of free time in the summer. Around the year 2000, I started to plan a few mineralogy trips with my friend Stéphane Dan.

During eight consecutive summers, we would scour the mountains searching for quartz crystals. We eventually got lucky a couple of times and found a few little treasures.

Most of our findings can now be seen by everybody at the crystals museum in Chamonix, but I will always remember our crystal hunts in the mountains.

Selected Pictures

Pink Fluorite

Christophe Peray looking at his pink fluorite nicknamed "Laurent". Probably one of the nicest cristal found in France. It is currently exposed in the Natural History Museum in Paris.

  • Chamonix

An early start

The Périades early in the morning. Quartz crystals are found at high altitude and you generally want to be ready as soon as the day begins, so you generally spend the night up there.

  • Chamonix

The Queen of the Mont Blanc

The Queen of the Mont Blanc: that's the name Fanfan and myself gave to that massive pink fluorite crystal. 3,7kg and 19 cm of beauty that everybody can now see in the Crystal Museum of Chamonix.

  • Chamonix