Pictures in Antarctica


  • Great alpinists: Marco Siffredi

    Great alpinists: Marco Siffredi

    Marco was an exceptionnal snowboarder and climber. Even though he died at the age of 23, he is up there with the greatest, including his mentor, Jean-Marc Boivin.

  • The Wall Expedition

    The Wall Expedition

    When Alain Hubert invited me in 2000 to participate in a mountaineering expedition in Antarctica as his photographer, it was a dream come true. Antarctica, here I come.

  • Great Alpinists: Jean-Marc Boivin

    Great Alpinists: Jean-Marc Boivin

    Jean-Marc was living in Chamonix with his family. I got to know him and was his photographer for about 10 years, before his tragic accident in 1990.