Moutaineering pictures - Copyright: René Robert


Moutaineering pictures

Various clients

Throughout my career as a photographer, I have had the privilege to accompany mountaineers on the most beautiful and spectacular mountains of our planet. Here are some of the photographic memories I brought back.

When collecting the pictures I wanted to showcase on this website, I came across a few mountaineering pictures I absolutely wanted to share with you.

As you might have noticed, mountaineering and mountains themselves have always played a very special role throughout my career. I feel so blessed to be a witness of the beauty of mountains and the stubbornness and determination mankind has shown to reach their summits.

Selected Pictures

Flies on the wall

Catherine Destivelle during one of her performance.

  • Grand Capucin - Chamonix

Between France and Italy

On the border between France and Italy, certainly some of the nicest landscapes you can find when hiking.

  • French and Italian Alps

Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis is the highest point of the UK. One of the birth place of modern mountain climbing.

  • Scotland

Mountains in black and white

The "Dome de Rochefort" with the Mont Blanc in the background. Black and white mountain photography is a classic and something I practice from time to time.

  • French Alps


I like how we can follow the movements of the glacier throughout the years.

  • Chamonix

Getting to the top

Looking back at my three companions, roped together.

  • Chamonix

Catherine destivelle

Catherine in her favourite exercise: free climbing

  • Chamonix


If you want to be old and nodding by the fire one day, security is not to be taken lightly.

  • Chamonix


Roped together and skiing in a crevasse.

  • Chamonix


Saluting the helicopter: we made it!

  • Trident du Tacul - Chamonix


Thierry Renault et Alain Ghersen: first free ascent Digital Crack (8A+)

  • Chamonix - Arrête des Cosmiques