Landscapes of Antarctica - Copyright: René Robert


Landscapes of Antarctica

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During various expeditions to Antarctica, I had the privilege of being at the right place at the right time to capture some magical moments.

Those pictures have more of a poetic or artistic feeling to them than the rest of the photos I took during those periods. I didn't retouch any of them, wanting to stay as close as possible to the mystical beauty of Antarctica.

These pictures are the best way I found to share my feeling as a small human confronted with the majesty of that environment. Being featured in several exhibitions around the world allowed me to share these unique moments with others.

Selected Pictures

Abandoned Sledge

This picture got an award in 2012 in Boston during the meeting of all Antarctic station commanders. Needless to day I was really happy.

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Dead Dog

This dog has been dead since 1959. Antarctic ice preserved it since then.

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There is a storm brewing in the distance. When that happens, you don't think, you run for shelter, fast.

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Storm and penguins

As I said before: a storm is coming. Penguins don't care that much, they are very well equipped to deal with it.

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Ice Shelf

The ice is slowly making its way to the sea. Meanwhile, here it is in all its majesty.

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Skidoo and ice

My little skidoo feels quite lost in this immensity. Antarctica is capable of making you feel really really small as a human being: "you don't belong here, mortal".

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Antarctic Bay

I really like those colors you get at the coast when the weather is not good.

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Emperors Penguins

These two were looking so human. I couldn't resist.

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