Great Alpinists: Jean-Marc Boivin - Copyright: René Robert


Great Alpinists: Jean-Marc Boivin

Jean-Marc Boivin

Jean-Marc Boivin was one of the best climbers of his generation. I got to follow him around the world during about ten years. Although I am nearly 50 now, I still owe him a lot of wonderful memories.

On top of being an exceptional climbers, Jean-Marc was also really into base jump, hang-gliders and parachute. Early in his career, he decided that those were the best way to come down of a mountain after climbing on top of it.

He died in 1990 in Venezuela, trying to rescue an injured base-jumper by jumping himself. He has been missed by all of us ever since.

Selected Pictures


Probably one of the fastest way to get to the foot of any mountain before climbing it.

  • Chamonix - Les Grands Montets


Jumping from as high as possible a cliff was one of Jean-Marc's favourite game.

  • Mont Blanc Massif - Le surplomb du marteau


Jean-Marc Boivin, probably the best of his generation.

  • Chamonix


Getting ready for another performance.

  • Chamonix - Mer de glace

Another jump

Perfect timing for the opening of the parachute.

  • Switzerland - Barrage d'Emosson

Skiing down

After climbing a mountain, what's the quickest way to get down so you can do another ascent the same day ?

  • Chamonix