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Freeriding - Snowboard

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As a young photographer, I had the opportunity to work with Thierry Donard from the "Nuits de la Glisse". For the next 30 years, I met and worked with every new generation of riders. Many of them have become close friends.

Don't tell anyone but, even today, Thierry and I will still go out and follow a few rides, just for the fun.

I am so grateful to all these riders who worked with me to transmit their passion and energy. They are the artists, I am just someone with a camera and a passion for photography who happened to be at the right spot at the right time.

Selected Pictures

Home sweet home

l’Envers du Plan at the l’Aiguille du midi with Marco Siffredi during a windy day.

  • Chamonix

Ludo Stroll

Ludo stroll has been a pro rider for Oxbow during the last 20 years. This exceptional snowboarder has stayed away from competition but has been featured in nearly every photographer's portfolio.

  • Chamonix

Simon Favier

Envers du plan in Chamonix with Simon. Coming from the world of skateboarding, Simon became a close friend and is currently working as Director of Photography in audiovisual marketting.

  • Chamonix

René has a very clear artistic vision that he can apply to any situation. This is a rare quality and that’s the main reason why I like to collaborate with him on my movies. We have been working together for the last 30 years.

Thierry Donard

Lolo Besse

Lolo riding the lightest snow in the world in the Parvati Valley, Indian Himalayas. This picture is part of a series that was sold in more than 20 countries.

  • India

Tony Ross

Tony Ross in the White Valley, Chamonix. Tony was a member of the French snowboard team and is now a snowboard teacher.

  • Chamonix

Parvati Valley

The immensity of the Himalayas in the magic valley of Parvati.

  • India