Arctic Expeditions - Copyright: René Robert


Arctic Expeditions

Client: Alain Hubert

I met Alain Hubert a while ago and accompanied him for several of his Antarctic Expeditions. This time, I was with him when he started another expedition in the Arctic

After having done his crossing of the Antarctic, Alain decided to try to replicate the adventure, but this time in the Arctic.

For the Arctic Arc expedition, Alain and Dixie Dansecoer planned to cross the Arctic from Russia to Greenland via the North Pole. That means they were both pulling very heavy sledges containing all they needed to survive during roughly two months.

These expeditions were sponsored by Compaq and Rolex, which means I was also in charge of providing branding and marketing material for those brands.

Selected Pictures

Russian Arctic

-50°C on the tarmac ... freezing cold.

  • Russian Arctic


The street of the Russian port of Dudinka, one of the gateways to the Russian Arctic.

  • Russian Arctic

Midnight sun

Got out to shoot some pictures. I have to be very careful with these temperatures. February in Russia.

  • Russian Arctic


The infamous Russian helicopter. These old machines can withstand the cold like no others.

  • Russian Arctic

In Flight

My view from the helicopter on our way to the dropping point.

  • Russian Arctic


Here they go. See you in a few months, guys.

  • Russian Arctic

Alain and his sledge

This sledge is their lifeline for this Arctic crossing.

  • Russian Arctic

Right before going

I have seen those eyes before, but this is always a very emotional moment.

  • Russian Arctic

The pack

Ice doesn't completely freeze anymore in the area. Now I have witnessed the effects of climate change in Russia.

  • Russian Arctic

3 friends

Alain Hubert, Dixie Dansercoer and Viktor Boyarski right before the departure.

  • Russian Arctic