Pictures in Antarctica


  • Le Pas dans le Vide

    Le Pas dans le Vide

    I followed the construction of a glass cube on top of the Aiguille du midi, allowing tourists to experience heights.

  • Souls of mountains

    Souls of mountains

    Living in Chamonix, mountains are all around me. Capturing the majesty of moutains while avoiding stereotypes is a difficult exercise.

  • Great Alpinists: Catherine Destivelle

    Great Alpinists: Catherine Destivelle

    A few pictures from my reportage for Paris Match on Catherine Destivelle. As a long time friend of her, I followed her since she started climbing.

  • Science in Antarctica

    Science in Antarctica

    I accompanied scientific expeditions during several seasons at Princess Elisabeth Antarctica, both as a photographer and as a guide.

  • Landscapes of Antarctica

    Landscapes of Antarctica

    During my various expedictions to Antarctica, I was able to capture some magical moments. Some of these poetic pictures were featured in several photo exhibitions.

  • Moutaineering pictures

    Moutaineering pictures

    This is a collection of various mountaineering pictures I have done either for myself or for various clients. Moutaineering and mountains both have a really special place in my work.

  • Freeriding - Ski

    Freeriding - Ski

    Freeriding is a discipline of skiing that appeared in the 80ies. Being in Chamonix, I was lucky enough to be at the forefront to follow this new wave of riders.

  • Building the Princess Elisabeth Station

    Building the Princess Elisabeth Station

    I accompanied the Internatuional Polar Foundation during the construction of the first ever "Zero Emission" research station in Antarctica.

  • Catalogues for Rossignol

    Catalogues for Rossignol

    I have been working for quite a few brands throughout my career. I really enjoy to focus on branding and marketting from time to time.

  • Arctic Expeditions

    Arctic Expeditions

    In 2002 and 2007 I accompanied Alain Hubert and Dixie Dansercoer for their Compaq Pole II and Arctic Arc expeditions. I was also in charge of providing branding and marketing material for both sponsors: Compaq and Rolex.

  • Quartz Crystals

    Quartz Crystals

    The Mont-Blanc area is a fantastic spot for amateurs mineralogists like myself. Ever since I was a kid, I have enjoyed those quartz hunts in the mountains.

  • Freeriding - Snowboard

    Freeriding - Snowboard

    Snowboard made an appearance on the scene in the 80ies. As a young photographer, I met nearly all the top riders who introduced me to their peers.